Over the years, Lightmaster Direct has built up some fantastic relationships with a huge range of partners. We want to make sure that whatever our customers want, we have a partner who can supply it at a competitive price. We work with people from all over the world – Astro here in the UK, Linea Light based in Italy all the way to Hunza over in New Zealand.

Our partnerships are really important to us. Without them, Lightmaster would not be what it is today. This is partly due to the recommendations we get from our partners but also the vast product range we’re able to supply simply wouldn’t exist!

One of our main accredited partners is Philips. We appear on the Philips website as a VAR (value added retailer) which means if you purchase any Philips product through us, not only do you get the standard 5 year warranty, we’re also able to offer you a discounted price.

Philips Logo

We specalise in the Philips Dynalite control system. Our technical team have had full training from the Philips team to ensure they know everything there is to know about the system. From the wiring diagrams, to dimming to programming the whole interface to the settings you want. We can be there every step of the way. And if for some reason there is a question we can’t answer, the Philips team will always be on hand.

We’ve worked with Philips on a number of projects, including The Scarlet Hotel in Cornwall and Blenheim Palace. For both projects we provided the lighting design and supplied the products and Philips brought their Dynalite control system. At The Scarlet, this reliable system allowed the hotel to minimize energy waste. It used motion detection to determine when rooms were empty, before automatically dimming lights to conserve energy. Guests can choose a light setting that matches their mood, from pre-set scenes including ‘ambient’, ‘bright’, ‘relax’, ‘bath’, ‘night’, ‘balcony’, and ‘all off’. The system also senses the amount of ambient daylight in the room, ensuring that artificial light is only used when needed. The new lighting has added increased comfort around the hotel. The finished system achieved a staggering internal lighting efficacy of just 3.36 watts per square meter—just 34% of the energy used by conventional lights.

Guestroom 2

We also used the daylight measuring system at Blenheim Palace. This was the redevelopment of the Palace’s old laundry area, which has become the new Visitor Centre in the East Courtyard: a reception desk, a café and shopping space offer a moment of refreshment and relaxation to the over 550,000 visitors who every year come to Blenheim Palace in Woodstock. An innovative environment, which thanks to “an unusual, original idea that stands out from the crowd”, in July 2012 won the prestigious Hudson’s Heritage Award in the category of “Commercial Innovation”.


This was another Philips Dynalite project but we also teamed up with Italian based Linea Light, our biggest supplier. The lighting design at Blenheim was made entirely of Linea Light iLED fittings.  The result is lighting that is effective, enhancing the different areas of the retail center with the ability to steer the light beams on shelves, but also comfortable. Natural light is prominent during the day, abundantly present thanks to the airy glass structure of the roof, while the iLED lighting is used in the evenings.


For our decorative products, our first port of call would be Studio Italia. Another Italian based company specalising in decorative pendants and wall lights. Their products feature laser cut metal, hand blown Murano glass and a cloud-like fitting  called Nuvola. The beauty with Studio Italia is that the majority of their fittings come in a range of sizes and options so you could create your whole living space using one range. So you could pick the Kelly range for example (pictured below) and have the large domed pendant over your dining table, the small Kelly spheres over your kitchen island, the Kelly wall lights in your living room and the Kelly floor light next to your sofa.

studio-italia-design-kellyLightmaster - Our partnerskelly-lampada-terra-tavolo-design-800x640

studio italia logo

When we do exterior lighting, as well as a fantastic range of Linea Light products, we also look at Hunza‘s range. They do a great selection of spike mounted spotlights and have an unusual but lovely copper finish available which is popular in modern gardens. Their wall light selection, while slightly architectural is also a great option.

hunza logo

Our lighting designers use LED tape in a lot of their projects. This is such a broad area to work in and we use our friends over at Complete Lite Solutions to help us with our tape requirements.

These are only a few of our partners. Our new Lightmaster Group website will have the full list coming soon!!