At the end of February, we had our first Lightmaster franchisee, Donna Ellis sign on the dotted line to become an official Light Centre!! Donna is based in Nottingham and will be taking on all lighting design and product supply projects in the area. We were delighted Donna wanted to run her own franchise as she actually worked for Lightmaster 10 years ago as a lighting designer – the images for one of her projects, Hills Farm are still used on a lot of our websites and marketing materials. Our past relationship with Donna meant we knew she has a strong work ethic and ample experience as a lighting designer!


The whole franchise plan for Donna has been just over a year in the making! As Lightmaster Nottingham will be our first franchisee we wanted to ensure we had all the necessary tools and procedures in place for Donna to work successfully under the Lightmaster umbrella. She will have access to our full range of suppliers and products and will be able to call upon the Lightmaster Direct technical team for any queries.

If you have a project and you’d like a consultation for either a lighting design or product supply, please give Donna a call on 0115 752 3386 or e-mail on